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Casual sketcher, working most of the time. anymore questions just ask.
The stranger walked through the doors of the saloon. Everyone turned to look at the newcomer. He was average height, about 5'7 with a long dark brown trench-coat with belt straps and a large 6 shot pistil strapped to his side. His beat-up leather boots in similar fashion as the coat had straps and a knife on the outside of each boot. He walked up to the bar and sat down. The bartender came up to get his order. His eyes were covered by the shadow cast from his dark brown cowboy hat and the green from his goggles around the hat caught the light and gleamed a glassy green.  "A shot of your strongest," escaped from the unshaven face under the hat. The barkeep poured a clear liquid into a shot glass and slid it over and said "You're one of them, aren't you? "One of who?" "One of those Hunters" The stranger tipped  his hat with his right pointer finger and looked at the bartender. The bartender looked at him then shifted hid eyes to the right at a table of young people. There were five of them. Three men, two women. In the middle of the group, farthest from the hunter, was who appeared to be the group's leader. He was blonde with spiked hair, clean shaven and wearing a jacket a bit too big for him. The others were in old style stripped tuxes with bowler hats. Of the ladies, one of them was a lady of the night, so to speak and the other appeared to be the leader's girl. She was a beautiful red head, with eyes that should have been green or brown or even blue. But they were orange with a slight unnatural glow in the dark of the room. They all had this in common, with extremely pale skin. The hunter moved his glance away just after meeting eyes with the redhead. The bartender poured him a shot, noticing the group looking at him and figuring it may be his last. The hunter looked into the reflection of the small shot glass.  The spiked hair guy got up and walked up behind the hunter. He said "I like that jacket, and my girl likes those snazzy goggles." "They are not for sale, snazzy as they may be." The hunter replied. "Who said anything about buying them?" replied the leader as he reached up for the the man's hat. "Wrong move." Wham! The hunter caught him right in the nose with a right elbow and knocked him back through a table into the floor. The other two were on him in an instant, one wielding a 5 or so inch blade and the other checking their boss. The blade holder lunged at the hunter's mid section. The blade was caught by the hunter and turned, breaking the wielder's wrist and plunging it into the attacker's heart. The man screamed for an instant and then turned into ash. "Nooo!" shouted the other as he ran to the ash pile. With blistering hate in his eyes and face he grabbed the blade and looked at the hunter. "I wouldn't." The hunter said as he pointed to      (Not finished)

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